Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tutorial: Still Crazy After All These Years

I recently posted a YouTube tutorial loosely based on the Paul Simon/Richard Tee version below.  I misnamed a good number of the chords -- calling +13's +11's more often than not.  That said, it was an attempt to straddle gospel and jazz in rhythm and voicing.  In some of my other posts, I've tried to straddle jazz and various styles of classical.  I find those intersections incredibly interesting (and challenging).   From the feedback I get, these tutorials can be pretty frustrating to a lot of viewers because they have some advanced concepts in them and require good piano skills to execute.  That said, when I have listened to a difficult recording, I just try to pick out one or two things that I find relevant and I focus on those.  That kind of buffet style of picking and choosing is what I bet most viewers do with these tutorials, which is great in my book. Below is the  link to the tutorial.

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