Saturday, December 31, 2011

You Will Never Hear Anything Better Than This!

I was not familiar with Eddie Brown until Roger (Lots2Learn) turned me on to him.  What I love about this is that he is sharing his music in the service of others.  He can play very modern, but here he harks back to his grandmother's era and does something half way between old time gospel and Art Tatum.   He plays a broken down, out of tune spinet for his grandmother -- and magic  happens.  Not to be overly mystical, but sometimes you can tell when someone taps into a flow that is beyond themselves.  That's what I hear in this. I read that this was the last time he played for his grandmother, and she died a few days later.  It was as if he was there to bring an amazing message of what was to come for her.  This really touched me.

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  1. Love it. You are so special to be able to play like this. I really enjoy it. Thank you for sharing.