Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Learn to Improvise

This is a great example of learning an improvised solo by knotty75.  Using a Fats Navarro solo is classic Lennie Tristano learning method.  The process is identifying four, eight or sixteen bars of a horn solo that you like; learning to sing it with and without the record; and lastly, learning to play it on the piano.  Singing the solo allows the melody to reside in the brain and the body separate and apart from the fingers, which is a deeper way of knowing the passage.  The final step is playing the solo over the record and getting the feel of that classic bebop swing.  Knotty75 may also do the following, but it's not on this video, so I'll mention it:  I like to then learn to play the solo with both hands in locked octaves and with the left hand in order to gain the ability to solo locked octave and left hand as well.  I would suggest starting small.  Find a slow four bar solo to learn first.  You can then move to longer solos and faster tempos as you become comfortable with the method.

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  1. It's encouraging to hear so much talk of Tristano lately. Bird lives!