Friday, January 27, 2012

For All We Know -- Galaxy Vintage D

I downloaded the update to the Galaxy Vintage D piano last week.  I had stopped using it because of a bug that developed when Kontakt 4 was updated.  They've fixed the bug and the piano plays perfectly now.  I have been playing around with different outboard processors to customize the sound.  What is nice is that you can bounce down a wav track and then treat it pretty much like a recorded piano track.  It "takes" outboard process very much like a recorded piano track.  Re: playing -- I kind of felt this was channelling Bill Evans, one of my musical heroes.  My impression is that Bill Evans had a block chord style that was half way in between Red Garland and George Shearing; plus he added his unique voicings to the block chords that made it totally his sound.  I hope you  enjoy.

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