Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Kind of Fool Am I: Galaxy & Ivory Comparison

I posted this video to Youtube today. These two audio tracks are more of a real world comparison of Ivory and Galaxy pianos. I used the same midi file for both renderings. I played the midi file on a Yamaha CP300 using the Yamaha's internal sound while playing. I then fitted the midi file to the velocity curve of each piano. On both, I use as little "in program" processing as possible. I bounce to 24 bit audio track, and then I use that audio track like any other recorded piano. I manipulate it to enhance the sound as best I can. I use a number plug in's such as EQ, compression, reverb to get a particular sound. In this example, I tried to get the Vintage D to sound similar to a Bill Evans solo piano recording. For contrast, I gave the Ivory a more distant, classical sound. I connect to both of these pianos and find each very useful in different situations.