Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ivory II Steinway American D: Great new sampled piano

Ivory has a new instrument: The Ivory II Steinway American D. I have loaded a comparison of:

Ivory II Steinway American D
Ivory II Steinway German D
Galaxy Steinway Vintage D

These are my three favorite sampled pianos.
To my mind, the American D contrasts with the German D in the following ways:
American D:  has more wood and sustain to the tone.  It sounds as though it has some age on it.
The German D has a crisp, new piano, string oriented sound that is silvery and delicate.
The American D is slightly more mellow and the image seems a bit more "close up" compared to the German D.  The American D has a more percussive "Pop" to the attack on the high velocity notes, which is very nice.

If you are interested in the details, I recommend downloading the files. Soundcloud only streams 128 kb/s mp3's, but the download is a 256 kb/s mp4, which has more detail. I'll add a demo to youtube soon.


  1. Thanks 7notemode--these sound great!! Can you share the companion MIDI files so I can try them with my own piano libraries?

  2. Thanks for that comparison!

  3. Hello 7notemode!

    I just came across your site by watching your YouTube video about Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D. I must say that I loved the sound you got on that video and these SoundCloud recordings! I just recently purchased Ivory II Grand Pianos but I can't seem to get anywhere near the quality of sound that you got with the American Concert D and here on the Steinway D. Would you be willing to tell me your external compressor/limiter/eq settings? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!



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  5. Please let me know what settings u are using in detail.. I know u said you're using tracks black and adaptive limiter, can u give detailed specifics? I would really appreciate it, I bought this but am having trouble getting the same sound u are. Thank u

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