Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pianoteq 4.5 -- What Kind of Fool Am I

I have used this same midi file to post examples of:
Ivory German D, Ivory American D and Galaxy Vintage D.
I am now posting a rendering of the same midi file using Pianoteq 4.5.  I have two tracks.  One is the raw track -- the sound straight out of Pianoteq with no effects.  It can be downloaded in 16 bit wav for anyone who wants to put it in an audio workstation and play around with tweaking the sound.  The other version is the final version which I link to here:

What Kind of Fool Am I -- with effects, mixed and mastered

This is the raw version -- no effects:

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pianoteq 4.5 Demo

I have been playing around with Pianoteq 4.5  It is an interesting piece of software -- very different from a sampled piano.  It plays great.  For me, it is the most responsive software piano to play -- full of nuance and sublty, but it can sound less piano like than the higher end sampled pianos.  Here I am playing around with the sound to get it to sound more piano like.