Improvisations in five, seven and twelve notes

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Album Notes:
I think of this group of songs as a subset of what I enjoy doing. These are original, spontaneous improvisations. I really don’t know if this style falls within a jazz paradigm or not. The improvisations tend to reference classical styles most often. I particularly enjoy setting musical limitations for myself and then finding ways around them. Playing modally very efficiently does this by making notes outside the mode off limits. Many times these structural constraints eliminate the path of least resistance. This forces solutions for movement and resolution that I otherwise would not take. For me, limitations force creativity or at least move creativity in a direction it otherwise would not go. 

Some of these improvisations were previously posted to my YouTube channel.  The quality of sound is vastly improved.   I remastered the midi files with the new Ivory II Steinway Grand for this CD.  


If you are comfortable with non-lossy file formats such as FLAC, here is a link to the 16 bit files.  BandCamp streams low quality mp3 samples of the tracks that do not sound that great, but the actual files downloaded from BandCamp are the same quality as the CD if downloaded in FLAC format. *Please only use this download option if you know how to play FLAC files*

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