This is the raw midi file for Tutorial: Here's That Rainy Day.
This is the raw midi file for Tutorial: Laura

This is the transcript that accompanies the Youtube video by the same name.
Tenderly Tutorial Transcript PDF

The guys at did the following transcripts.  Thanks guys!
I Loves You Porgy
Lush Life
The Dolphin (the head)
The Dolphin (right hand improvisational solo)

This transcript was done by Yves Laroche  Thanks Yves!
This version is based on a recording by Joey Calderazzo.  My One and Only Love


  1. great playing! please upload your round midnight solo transcription!one of the best versions I've heard!

  2. Thanks for the plug and uploading my files. You are a very sensitive pianist, very talented. Keep up the great music.

    Yves Laroche

  3. I get an "error 404 file not found" when I click the link to download "Here's That Rainy Day". May 11, 2012

    1. Sorry. All the Dropbox links don't work. I'l try to fix it this weekend.

  4. i can't download the file of tenderly tutorial transcript pdf

  5. 7notemode.......... Wow, what great things you are doing! Started to study your tutorial on "Tenderly" and got around (today) to download the transcript. Your site could not find it. "moved or deleted"? Wondering if you could put it back up or direct where to find. Many thanks

  6. Hi Tom, Zed here. Was wondering if you had a copy of the transcript of what you're playing on the Willow Weep for Me Tutorial. As you know I can't read music beyond knowing the notes and chords, so I have my own 'crazy' form of notation- I just write out the notes, chords etc in left hand/right hand fashion and make notes of my own in between. The transcription at the top of the screen of the tutorial is difficult to read for me as the sheet lines aren't well defined. I'm progressing well (for me anyway) with my solo-ing, and I would like to hone up on my blues playing, licks, etc- and pinching most of yours. If this isn't possible, then no problems, mate. Hope you and your family are well.

    All the Best,

  7. saludos cuando nos pasas el vst de los ivory piano para descargarlo

  8. Hello, I recently came acroos you on youtube and enjoyed learning from you. I attempted to download the link for Tenderly but it was saying "error " in dropbox. Is thereanother place that i can download your files.

    Thank much

  9. Hi I have learned so much by watching "here is that rainy day" on yoir youtube channel.

    Is it not possible to simply embed the midi files on your webpage, as they are so tiny?

    You would help me and others a lot if these files could be made accessable...

    In the meantime...keep up the brilliant tutoring !!!

  10. Hi! Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorials! Now I am strong-willed to learn your great version of "tenderly". But it's not possible to download - an error 404 on the dropbox. Can you help me? Can you perhaps send me the PDF to hello ? I love these cool chords and your special arrangement!
    Thank you very much!!

  11. Hi. Your music is beatiful. I want download sheet music but i can't (error 404). Can you help me?
    please send the Dolphin to
    Thank you.